Planning a Reunion?  What to do with leftover funds? 


Memorialize your deceased class members, honor high school friends, or donate in honor of your class by making a tax-deductible donation to Texarkana Arkansas Education Foundation.


You have an opportunity to become a Partner in academic excellence.

Your $100 tax-deductible donation to Texarkana, Arkansas Education Foundation will help fund and support academic programs and activities for students that

are beyond the budgetary means of the school district.  A separate entity from Texarkana Arkansas School District, TAEF is dedicated to build and

increase academic excellence by providing funds in the form of grants to directly benefit students and teachers in the Texarkana, Arkansas schools.

Additionally, each monetary gift given to TAEF will be matched so your  investment in education will double and go to work almost immediately.



Yes!  I accept your invitation to become a partner of the TAEF.

_____ My tax-deductible gift is enclosed.

_____ My gift is annual.  Please remind me when due.

This gift is in honor of/memory of: (Please circle one if applicable)


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Mail Donations to:

TAEF, P. O. Box 1395, Texarkana, AR 75504