Feature Twirler in top Graphic - Sandra DeLong Pollnow (60)

1960 AHS Majorettes
Crystal Winchester, Mary Jordan, Diane Hulvey, 
Jami Grimes, Judy McDonald, Edye Addington

1990 Cheerleaders
Julie Lavender, Genean Bradley, Deanna Wilburn, Christie Wilhite, Whitney Beck, Michelle Polk, Laura Nielson, Lashun Forte, Kalebra Henderson, 
Mascot - Shannon Futral

1991 Redline
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1- LR; Bill Stanley, Crystal Winchester, Charles Thompson
Edye Addington, Charles Adcock, Jami Grimes
2 -, L-R; Tennete Dees, Diane Hulvey, 
Fred Markham, Jimmy Williams, Peggy Spence
3 -, L-R; Dixie Wilson, Kenneth Goree

1979 Band at the State Capital - Little Rock
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1939 Razorback Band

1943 Cheerleaders

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1950 Majorettes

53majorettes.jpg (105704 bytes)
1953 Majorettes

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1954 Cheerleaders

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1955 Cheerleaders

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1957 Cheerleaders

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1958 Cheerleaders

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1971 Cheerleaders

1974-75 Cheerleaders

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73/74 CHJH Shoat Cheerleaders

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72/73 CHJH Shoat Cheerleaders

79 Band trip to Ireland

86-87 Cheerleaders

88majorettes1.jpg (78287 bytes)
88 Majorettes

88cheers1.jpg (71067 bytes)
88 Cheerleaders

88twirler1.jpg (52963 bytes)
88 Feature Twirler

90 Cheerleaders

91 Cheerleaders

59red_jackets.jpg (52616 bytes)
1959 Red jackets

nh_band58.jpg (105936 bytes)
58 North Heights Bears Band

Tribute to Ralph Atkinson
Band Director

jeff_av_maj.jpg (42364 bytes)
59 Jefferson Av. Majorettes

1962 Jefferson Av. Band

1966 Cheerleaders

1966/1967 Red Jaackets

51 Majorettes

1995 Cheerleaders

52 Majorettes

80 Majorettes

1971 Band Photos

86 Cheerleaders

46/47 Band Sweethearts

The Award Winning 1981 "Showband of the South" Arkansas High School 
Marching Band contest @ Henderson State University, October 25, 1980, Part 1.

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Have you seen the new look? Our bands really look smart and snappy in the new band uniforms. They are blue West Point style with red and,' white trim. The hats are silver glitter with white plumes. The hack of the coat is scrolled with white braid. Each band member wears white gloves.
'The first showing of the new uniforms was at Chicago at the 1Aon's International Convention in July. Everyone enjoyed the trip and each member wants to thank those who helped make the trip possible.
The Razorback band made its first appearance of the year during the half-time of the Atlanta game. The band did some military marching and playing under the direction of the new drum major, Jimmy Williams, and then Betty Jean Rea was featured twirling to "Leap Frog." The majorettes--Jane Hopkins, Diane Elrod, Jamie Grimes, Crystal Winchester, Diane Hulvey, and Judy McDonald--then did a dance routine to "Are You From Dixie?" The band marched off the field in a company front playing the fight song "Westerner."
The herald trumpets are being played this year by Tommie Combs, Pat Fomby, Evelyn Cook, Jeanne Hail, Connie Pope, and Edye Addington. They are doing a mighty good job.
The band marched September 15 in the Four States Fair Parade and played a concert at the fair grounds Thursday night.
Individual pictures and one of the entire band were made Thursday in color. The big color picture will be put in the hall of the school.



Since the time she was twelve years old, Betty Jean Rea has been twirling a baton.
She was drum major for the Piggie Band at Jefferson Avenue and is now Feature Twirler and Assistant Drum Major for the Razorback Band.

Some of the titles she holds are: Four States Twirling Champion, Arkansas State Twirling Champion and Miss Majorette of Arkansas.

She has entered contests in many states: New Orleans--third place; University of Mississippi--fifth place;  Forest City-- fourth place: and Austin, Texas--third place.

For the past four years B. J. has made all first divisions at the District and state festivals. Last year she was the only twirler who made a first division at the state festival.

She has attended camps at the University of Mississippi, S.M.U.; Commerce, Tx ; Natchitoches, Louisiana; and has taught twirling for the past two years at Montecello, Arkansas, and Spring Lake Park.

She has been in the All State Band for the last two years.

Besides being an expert twirler B. J. is active in the National Honor Society, Americanism Club, Science Club and the Future Teachers of America.


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