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Hello Fellow Hogs!

My name is Chip McAfee-Class of '88 and I now teach Razorback TV at AHS. RTV is a Television/Broadcasting Class. Anyway, they are now constructing a new main building on campus. Once that new building is complete, they will tear down the old main building that has been there since 1954 (green tiles and all). I have decided to do a documentary on the old building and I need help from alumni. I need pictures, yearbooks, mementos, etc...from '53 to present. I am especially looking for old home movies and film showing the school. Anything that I use would be returned when I am done with it. I know this stuff is precious and irreplaceable and it will be treated as such if you let me borrow it. I am also looking for alumni and former faculty that are willing to be interviewed on camera. We want personal memories (i.e.-high school sweethearts that now have 6 grandkids) and memories of major world events that happened while you might have been in that building (i.e.-the day Kennedy was shot or Sept. 11). We will be shooting the interviews in the old building mostly over this summer. However, if you live out-of town and you plan on being back in Texarkana sometime in the next six months or so, we could probably work something out. After the documentary is completed we will sell copies with all proceeds going to a scholarship fund for future RTV students. If you would like to help in any way with this, please e-mail me at


You can also help by spreading the word to other AHS alumni.

3-D Souvenir Wooden Plaque of the OLD AHS

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We have really nice 3D wooden plaques of the old AHS building for sale. They are $15.00 if you can pick them up at the office. If you are out of town and need it shipped, it will be $15.00 plus $4.00 for shipping. If anyone is interested in buying one, call (870) 772-3662. There is a limited number available, so get them before they're gone.


Chip McAfee
Razorback TV
Texarkana Area Vocational Center
Arkansas High School
(870) 774-7641 ext.326