51/52 Junior High Football Team



Top left to right clockwise:
Coach Measel, Bobby Hand, D Bledsoe,  Hainy Tackett, Lloyd Miller, Johnny
Quinn, Hughes, Lloyd Edwards, Don Williams, Roy Lynn Phillips, David Killian,
Ralph DuVall, Marvin Brown, Charles Sullivan, Maurice Upton, Billy Moon, Dennis
Mote, ?, Billy Mock Smith, Charles Kilburn, Roger Miller, Tommy Lott, Harold
Meadows, Ladd Miller, Coach Reynolds, Wayne Hopkins, Jack Young, Phillip DuVall,
Kelly Carter, John Matt Gibson, ?, Bud Hoffman,?,  Charles Dobbins, Robert
Gordon, Pee Wee Evers, Cheesy Nelson.

Can anyone help me with the missing names? Thanks

We had no drug, Cigarette,  alcohol, stealing, etc. problems with this team.

donated by Ralph DuVall

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