Class of 1967 - 2002 Reunion

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Linda Gross - Jonathon Jones

Conway Wright

David Mallett - Marilyn Crabbe

Ronnie Skinner 
Walter Vandenburg

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Vicki Guyton - Punkin Bland

Ruth Hannibal

Eddie Black - Sherry Brooks
Robert Davis
Mary Doherty Davis

Punkin Bland - Robert Davis
Mary Doherty Davis

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Marilou Cox Lewis
Bob Lewis

Sherry Brooks - Paul Newell

Marilyn Crabbe - Eugene Horn

Joe Griffin - Walter Vandenburg

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Mark Henderson
(Class of 66 - Deceased)
Marilyn Crabbe - David Mallett

Dana Roberts - Cecil Adcock
Conway Wright


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< Conway Wright with Becky in Feb/07. He passed away a few months later

Punkin Bland - Cathy Lawler
Cindy Fussell - Patsy Jones
Becky Tackett - Vicki Guyton



Kirk Johnson                    Becky Tackett                  Ricky Reed               Cindy Fussell

Paul Newell with his 65 Plymouth at Graduation and later at Paul Newell's Collision Center 40 years later

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