72/73 College Hill Shoats Pep Rally

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Whit Holman, Becky Owenby, Matt Lile,
 Milayne Price, Debbie Phillips, Rodger Oswald, Ann McKinnon, Wayne Bryant

Terry Kelly, Nelda Beckham,
Jimmy McCormack, Lisa Halter

Laquita Pritchet, Pep Squad Captain
keeps an eye out

Judy Rogers & Darlene Williams
with Shoat Pep Squad

Cathy Brown presents a gift to Mr Davis

Karen Spiros, Pep squad captain
 presents Ms. Click with Corsage

Judy Simmons presents Mrs. Gray
with Corsage

72/73 Football team and
Homecoming Court

72/73 Majorettes
Shoats Pep Rally

72/73 Majorettes and
Homecoming Court

72/73 Shoat Cheerleaders



72/73 Pep Rally

72/73 Shoats Court

Shoats Court Singles

CHJH Cheerleaders

CHJH Majorettes

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