Thursday, January 31, 1957
Arkansas High Gymnasium

The Razorbacks won their first Intra-city basketball championship in seven years. The Hogs edged the Texas High Bengals, 54-52, in what, was possibly the most disorderly game ever played between the two rivals.
   With seven seconds left to play, Texas fans stormed out of the stands to join in chastising a referee. Extra police were called in to stop the disturbance and seconds later the Razorback fans saw their ball club win the intra-city series.
   Referees Buddy Parker and Al Mayer were escorted by police into the dressing room as the final buzzer sounded to protect them from the red-hot Tiger fans. The referees
were kept under guard until the mob had left, then were escorted out by police.
   The game was almost neck and neck with both teams scoring 19 field goals. The Porkers made 29 rebounds to the Tigers 26. The Hogs got 41 % while the Bengals
got only 35% from the field. The losers made 56% of their free shots to the Hogs 50%.
   In the first half the lead changed hands 14 times and the score was tied 8 times. The Hogs broke a deadlock of 23 - 23 with only seconds to play with a field goal.
   Leading at half time, the Hogs never fell behind. In the fourth quarter the score was tied 3 times, but the Razorbacks managed to stay one step ahead.
   Guard Scottie Williams made 2 free throws with the clock show­ing seven seconds to play making the score 54 to 50. George McKinney made a jump shot with only seconds remaining in the game, making the final score 54-52 (Hogs).

My Dad and I attended this game and watched the melee as we tried to find a way out of the Gymnasium & back to our house across the street.  Texas won so many of these games through the years, it must have been a shock to them...........Webmaster

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