Class of 1963
Married to Kay Thomas (Class of 63)


See the Big Gun
 in Action


My Hobby is "Hobbies"

An accomplished gunsmith, Billy has built over 100 guns of which 19 of them were of the type used by Tom Selleck in the Movie: "Quigley Down Under".



Photography & Restoration
I've spent most of my time working on old photos that were cracked/torn and have become rather proficient (all it takes is a lot of time and patience). I can correct fading, color loss or turning from time, scratches and tears. Format does not matter to me. If it can be e-mailed I can repair it.














Bill's Photo Restoration

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Bill & Kay with a silver mounted gun he built for his son



One of my early guns he built for his son

Various stages of developement


williebrock1.jpg (13559 bytes)

williebrockme1.jpg (13760 bytes)


oldhousem1.jpg (6424 bytes)

oldhousee1.jpg (7873 bytes)


If you would like more information on Bill's restoration service, contact him at:
Telephone: 870-774-4779

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