Racism is the practice of racial persecution and discrimination and the assumption that psychocultural traits and capacities are determined by biological races and of races that differ decisively from one another. It is an epidemic that is widespread among the people in our society. This social problem is an accepted way of life for many and a life of terror for others.
    In my life racism is terror. When people consider me for recognitions or certain positions, I do not want them to reject me because I am green. I also do not want them to reject me because I am purple. I want them to choose me because of what I can do and learn to do. I want them to go skin deep and quit floating on the surface.
    When a problem occurs many people blame it on others from a different
race. We as a majority should quit blaming others for our downfalls. We should examine ouselves and see what we are doing wrong. We cannot blame our failures or mistakes on anyone. If we are doing the best we can then we can seek and investigate our problem, but until then, we cannot accuse anyone without proof.
Color is just a factor to make our outsides look different in the light. Color just suggests what variety of clothes some people should wear and for others it accents the color of make-up they wear. Color is the natural beau­ty of humans that should alter, hinder, stop the success of, or crush dreams within. Color should be used to describe objects, not precious creatures of God. Color should not be stereotyped, for we are all unique individuals.

Color represents the following:

C = Created equal
0 = Opportunity for all
L = Love one another
0 = One for all and all for one
R = Racial discrepancies do not mean that we are not equal.

    We are created equal. The way we handle our equality should be positive for all. It should not be damaged by anybody who thinks that they are better.
    We all have opportunities. When they knock we should let them in. Loving one another increases the ties of friendship. When one person goes to bat for all, all should go to bat for that one. We should realize that we are equal. People who treat others as a lesser stand alone. Those who treat people as an equal stand together.
   To advocate the social problem of racism I am setting an example of how I want to be treated. I am proving to others that color does not matter. It does not matter if we are red, yellow, green or purple because we are all precious in the eyesight of God.

 Leslie Jefferson Senior

Angela McCauley - Junior

Krista Lurry - Junior


     There's someone on my mind tonight. There's someone I want to hold so tight.
     It's you again.

     There's someone in my dreams.
         There's someone who takes me to the most extreme.
     It's you again.

There's someone who brightens my days.
There's someone I miss when he is away.
It's you again.

   There's someone I love from the bottom of my heart
      There's someone I want to be with, but I can't because we are apart
      It's you again.

     There's someone I'm trying to get back. There's someone who can set my life back on         track.    
        It's you again.

 Michelle Lee   Sophomore

What is love? Is it something that every teenager seems to experience, or is it just some saying of the eighties?
    Every girl or boy at least once in their teenage life has fallen in love, or at least thought it was love. I think it is called "Mistaken Love. " Love is just a word that we normally do not feel, it is an expression. The only true love I can possibly think of is during a marriage or right before. When people say "I love pizza" they aren't really in love with pizza, they just simply mean that they like the taste of pizza. Why isn't it that way when someone says they love the other person? So they really love them or just think they do? Sometimes people mistake love for infatuation. They just like being around that special person or seeing them all the time.
   Love isn't true, especially teenage love. It is just a disappointment. It never lasts forever, but the pain does. It is so hard finding the right person that you want to say "I love you" to. Love hurts; it is a wound that never will heal. I have no suggestions on how to avoid a real heartache, but I know I've had a few. That's why you learn from your mistakes. Never be the first one to say "I love you"; let the opposite say it first, maybe by then you will know if you really love them or not. Avoid the "Mistaken Love" syndrome, it's so hard to over-come. I know.

 Holly Martin Senior

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