crayons Remembering Fairview crayons
by Michelle Carter Knight
& Aubrey Adcock

Michelle Knight 1999I remember Mrs. Brummett with the blue or purple hair. She caught me cheating on a spelling test one day. She caught me chewing gum and sent me to the big cloack closet, remember that thing? I stood in there crying. I can remember our math teacher, Mrs. Bann. Her husband was a doctor. I remember our art teacher, Miss Nix. Now, she was a nice teacher. I had Mrs. Martindale in 3rd. Mrs. Gwartney was my 2nd grade teacher. Mrs. Winston was our principal and after she retired, Mr. Fair took over. Everytime I am in Texarkana, I have to go by Fairview. It is so different now.
I can remember playing with my buddy, Wayne Beck. We both got "C" in deportment for cutting up in Miss Taylor's class. I remember playing with Diane Elrod, Tommy Fuqua, Aubrey Adcock, Kenny Hatfield, and Mary Shoptaw.

My mom picked me up one day and took my picture with Mrs. Brummett.--->>
Mrs Brummett with Michelle

Aubrey Adcock 1999The store across from Fairview was Segrest's. They had those wax things with some kind of kool-aid in them that you drank, then chewed the wax. They also used to have a yo-yo salesman come by and demonstrate tricks, then (if you bought one) he'd carve his initials on your yo-yo. The cheap wood yo-yos were 10 cents, but the ones with the rhinestones were 35 cents.

Another of our teachers was Mrs Lykes. I permanently impressed her by spelling Czechoslovakia for her (one of my aunts was of Czech descent). I had it made the rest of the year there.

Remember the floor sweep the janitor (Lush?) used? It had a distinctive floor wax smell. A few years ago, I went into a grocery in San Antonio and they were using that sweep. The smell of it immediately sent me back to the first grade.

It seems like the Cafeteria was in a white wooden building that ran out toward Locust Street. It was one of the spots where you served duty if you were a crossing guard. Oh yes - remember the bush down at the corner of Hickory and 12th? It was a large bush that the girls used as a playhouse during recess.

Fairview 1948
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Kindergarten Play
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Kindergarten Play
May Pole Dance
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May Pole Dance

FAIRVIEW - West Side
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Fairview (also called Fairview West) was bulit in 1919 and was the oldest in the School District. The school boundries were: Hickory [West Side], Garland [East Side], 16th Street [South Side, Front], 17th Street [North Side]. The main building burned on June 25th, 1993. The main school building contained a library and 12 classrooms. The cafeteria was in a seperate building. In 1948, the principal was Mrs. Winston and Mr. Paul Fair, was our principal from 1949-1954. He was Superintendant of the Little Rock School District until 1978. He is now retired and living in Little Rock. Teachers (1949 - 1954): Mrs. Bann, Mrs. Brummett, Miss Taylor, Mrs. Nix, Mrs. Gwartney & Mrs. Martindale.
School photo donated by Dr. Paul Fair

Michelle Carter attended Fairview from Kindergarten through the fourth grade before moving to Nashville, Arkansas. She is now a school teacher in West Memphis, Arkansas.

Aubrey Adcock attended Fairview Elementary, North Heights Jr High, and graduated from Arkansas High in 1960

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