Class of 65 - 15th Reunion

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15Reunion1_sm1.jpg (13159 bytes)
Ann Patterson
Jimmy Gross

15Reunion2_sm1.jpg (14505 bytes)
Weldon Johnson
Ann Trice Johnson

tom_gin_sm1.jpg (25068 bytes)
Ginger Porterfield
Tommy Winham (64)

15reunion_fentons_sm1.jpg (13277 bytes)
Lyndon & Debbie Fenton


15threunion5.jpg (16353 bytes)
Bobby Hannibal
Curtis Aaron
David Williams

15threunion6.jpg (30035 bytes)
Mary Karold Cherry
Janice Pitchford
Nelson Johnson

15threunion7.jpg (33217 bytes)
Lyndon Fenton
Weldon Johnson
Joe Blagg

15threunion8.jpg (29891 bytes)
Ronnie Springer
& wife


15threunion9.jpg (27393 bytes)
Ann Trice Johnson
Class of 68

15threunion10.jpg (26261 bytes)
Gene Lott

15threunion12.jpg (20156 bytes)
Ronnie Springer
his wife
Ann Patterson

15threunion15.jpg (26272 bytes)
Tommy Winham (64)
Ginger Porterfield


15threunion16.jpg (27288 bytes)
Judy & Mary Karold

15threunion17.jpg (20155 bytes)
Ginger & Connie

15threunion18.jpg (28403 bytes)
Jim Cunningham
Cheryl Bieloh

15threunion19.jpg (25889 bytes)
Weldon Johnson
& ????


15threunion20.jpg (29774 bytes)
Danny McDonald & Wife
Fred Robkin

15threunion21.jpg (16043 bytes)
Sherry Saint Blagg
& Johnette?

15threunion22.jpg (15707 bytes)
Danny Carmelli
Judy Russell's husband
Jean Womack Martin(64)

15threunion23.jpg (14190 bytes)
Danny Carmelli
Judy Russell Carmelli


15threunion24.jpg (13771 bytes)
Jane Walker & hubby

15threunion25.jpg (17218 bytes)
Mary Karold Cherry
Nelson Johnson

15threunion26.jpg (14673 bytes)
Ann Trice Johnson
Junie Nelson Young

15threunion28.jpg (29455 bytes)
Gene Cogbill
Gail Wardlaw Cogbill


15threunion29.jpg (26121 bytes)
Virginia Laws Jones
Connie Long Crockett

15threunion30.jpg (29364 bytes)
Donald Halter
Mary Karold Cherry Rhodes

15threunion31.jpg (21258 bytes)
Tommy Winham &
Ginger Porterfield Patterson

15threunion32.jpg (23142 bytes)
Bobby Hannibal
Curtis Aaron


15threunion33.jpg (25634 bytes)
Mary Karold Cherry
Rita Smith

15threunion34.jpg (26204 bytes)
Jane Walker
& husband

15threunion35.jpg (17445 bytes)
David Williams
Donnie McDonald
wives in foreground?

15threunion36.jpg (17512 bytes)
Dodds Martin
Lyndon Fenton


15threunion41.jpg (17734 bytes)
Connie Long
Ginger Porterfield
Susan Payne

15threunion27.jpg (65036 bytes)
Class of 65
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