College Hill Hayride 1956

donated by Jimmy Nicholas (Class of 58)


1 row
Carol Harvey, Shearon Gruschou

2 row
Brenda Putman,?, Marie Halter, John McGough, Margaret Green, Melba Pennington, Ray Watson

3 row
?, Jimmy Nicholas, Jane Perkins, Joyce Vanderslice,?, Nancy Perkins, Jerry Kennedy

4 row
Willie Gibbons,?, Gary Goldman, Vernon Watson, Bobbie Shruptrine, Charles Miller

5 row
(In the dark) Earnest Cook, Obie Marlar, Joyce Ussery

Hayride of July 1956 This hayride was sponsored by College Hill Boy Scouts Post  8 . We had one of two hayrides each winter.  Also, the Dr. Pepper company would let groups use their truck and furnish free Dr. Peppers and gas. I remember one on which Pat Beasley broke her arm. I think this hayride was one that Margaret Green gave.

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