Miss Sue Taylor
Fairview Elementary  1951-1952

While attending Fairview many teachers entered our lives, but the ones we have heartfelt and fond memories of the most are still very special to us.  No matter the span of time the impression made upon us is felt as if yesterday.  Such a teacher was Miss Sue Taylor.  Her outward and inward beauty sparkled.  Miss Taylor was the music teacher at Fairview in 1951-1952.  She made music a fun time while singing in " rounds" and  exposing us to many great pieces of music and songs.  Some of which were by Stephen Foster, songs from The Nutcracker, and remember In the Hall of the Mountain King?  She would also tell stories along with certain pieces of music.

Thank you, Miss Taylor,  for introducing to us such wonderful and beautiful music.  Our memories are brightened by thoughts of you.

Mrs. Sue Taylor Mills and her husband, Wilbur, live in Norman, Oklahoma.


By Michelle Carter Knight


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