The Madrigals

These are photos from Mrs Betty Monroe's personal collection of her years in Music and the Madrigal Singers.  
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 (Class of 1988/1989) Left to Right: Laurie Wardlaw, John Howard, Jenny Long, Teresa Stine, Todd Harrison, Tara Stevenson, Carlos Jefferson, Laura Ward, Wayne Morton, Sherry Howard, Robert Weeks, Lesa Smith, Angie Rhodes, Todd Payne, Connie McDowell, Robert Eades, Angie Belt  (Class of 1983) Kneeling L-R: Greg Donaldson, Jon Myers, Mike Phillips, Standing L-R: Kathryn Harrison,  Lashon Jamison, Greg Cook,  Nancy Hinshaw, Margaret Putman, John Ward, Theodore Green, Cindy Vance, Wendell Donaldson,  Patricia Turney, Melody Vance, David Dowd, Shannon Wright, Greg Allen, Dawn Watson

 (Class of 1988/1989) -  Front Left to Right: Laurie Wardlaw, Jenny Long, Laura Ward, Lesa Smith, Connie McDowell, Angie Belt, Teresa Stine, Tara Stevenson Back Left to Right: John Howard, Carlos Jefferson, Robert Weeks, (not visable - probably Robert Eades), Todd Payne, (not visable - probably Wayne Morton), Todd Harrison Class of 1972Women - left to right:  Ellen Joe Hillis, Carolyn Smeltzer, Kathy Strong, Rita Chastain, Nancy Wright, Missy Moore, Joyce Swinney, Lynn Coopwood, Kathy Laws, Chris Bair Men -left to right: Earl Gill, Lynn Rodgers, Vic Nutt, Chuck Endsley, Randy Pinkerton, Joe Grant, Martin Strickland, Charles Robinson, Jon Dainty

 (Class of 1986/1987Front Girls: L-R: Tracy Stotts, Shauna Murphy, Regina Tyler, Teresa Stine, Debbie Edwards, Sherri Howard, Angie Rhodes, Tara Stevenson, Lesa Smith, Connie McDowell, Back Boys L-R: Todd Payne, John Patillio, Nathan Bryant, Carlos Jefferson, Sedric Dinkins, Ron Shirley, Michael McPeat, Sam McJunkins, Paul Caver....  (Class of 1984) Girls L-R: (1) Susie Douglas, (2) Cindy Vance (3) Jeri Ann Day,  (4) Nancy Hinshaw, (5) Lashon Jamison, (6) Shannon Wright, (7) Patricia Turney, (8) Cindy Braddock, (9) Margaret Putnam, Boys Front:  (2) David Dowd,  (3) Mike Benson Boys Back: (3) Ken Elkins, (4) Rich Payne

  (Class of 1986) Girls Top-Bottom: 
Christie Turney, Sandra Gladney, Tracy Stotts, Terri Murphy, Annita Leigh, Lisa Tullis, Joanna Boyles, Debbie Edwards, Michelle Raine
Boys Top-Bottom: 
Paul Caver, Todd Payne, Sam McJunkins, Ronald Lewis, Ron Shirley, Nathan Bryant, Mike Benson
  (Class of 1981) Kneeling: Tony Edwards, Tim Wright Front L-R: Geoff Long, Mary Rucker, Mary Ashby, Michelle Adcock, Torrie Drewery, Evelyn Yeager, Michael Manley, Shawn Haltom 2nd Row L-R: Edwin Tillman, Mark Shoptaw, Lori Watts, Bart Vance, Rachel Morgan, Derwin Turner Back L-R: Greg Young, Nancy Merchant, Shelly Wright, Terry Manley, Tim Norvell

  (Class of 1980) Girls Front: Nancy Merchant, Shelly Wright, Angela Morgan, Terri McDowell, Lori Watts, Carissa Bryant, Shirley Richardson, Martha Laney, Becky Martindale, Machelle Adcock Boys Back: Kevin Drewery John Hill Greg Young Terry Manley Mark Shoptaw Les Smith Mark Hansche Edwin Tillman… ? Steve Kroll  (Class of 1985
Girls L-R: (1) Jeri Ann Day, (2) Susie Douglas, (3) Terri Murphy, (4) Christie Turney, (5) Joanna Boyles, (6) Stephanie Kemp (7) Michelle Raine
Guys L-R:  (1) Benson, (2) Randy Ellis , (3) Ken Elkins, (4) John Tennison, (5) Paul Caver, (6) Sam McJunkins, (7) Collin Barry, (8) Chris Raine

  (Class of 1982) 1st Row L-R:  Susan Canaleria, Derwin Turner, Mary Rucker, David Dowd, Torrie Drewery, David Dowd, Kathryn Harrison, Mary Ashby, Evelyn Butler, Trey Schroeder, unid?, Jon Myers, Rachel Morgan, Melody Vance, John Ward 2nd Row L-R: Dick Andrews, Tim Wright, Wendell Donaldson, Geoff Long, Tony Edwards  Oct 23, 1986 

 Class of 87/88 Left to Right: Laurie Wardlaw, Tara Stevenson, Angie Rhodes, Jenny Long, Angie Belt, Lesa Smith, Sherry Howard, Connie McDowell, Laura Ward Class of 1975/1976 - Front Row L-R: Bobby Stewart, Carol Manning, Lydia McAlister, Debra Washington, Cindy Roberson, Keith Huggins, Back Row L-R: Ronald Watson, Jeff Miers, Scott Raschke , Dick Dodson, Center Left: Mickey Campbell and Peggy Gray Center Right: Stephanie Kounnas and Tim Washington

 Nov 27, 1983 in Ashdown  Class of 1972/1973 --- Ashdown

Photos donated by Cathy Clay 
(Daughter of Mrs. Monroe)
and Sue Ward

Photos below from
Laurie Wardlaw

 (no large photo) Class of 1988 Todd Harrison, Todd Payne, Angie Belt, Jenny Long (Others in the picture are from a different school)


Class of 88/89 L to R: John Howard, Lynn Cofield, Gina Watson, and Stuart Young


Class of 88/89  L to R: Todd Harrison, Lynn Cofield, Angie Belt, Chad Garrett, Jenny Long, Gina Watson, Shawn Crane, Laura Ward, Laurie Morgan, John Howard, Laurie Wardlaw, Rachael Ward, Stuart Young
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