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Building the New AHS

AHS History

Who is This 1960 guy?

Mrs Carter's Class of 40

Click for larger image of Stained Glass Hog by Paul Woodrich and Peggy Rogers (Class of 74)

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Connie Manning

Building Plaque 1953-2005
Arkansas High School

Wooden Plaque offered by TASD, of the old high school.  Read MORE

New AHS Super Hog


What is this?
What is This?

Cathy Jones
1990 Porker Queen

Joe Humphrey
Class Pres - 1991

cartoon by 
Angela McCauley 89

CHJH Homecoming 70/71
Cranford Graves, Sally Justus (maid), Stan Roberson (escort) Nancy May (queen) 
and David Ashby (escort)

College Hill Elementary - 1954

CHJH Homecoming 70/71
Nancy May (Queen), David Ashby

There's an app for That !
(not really, but there should be)




Read about the history of this Hog Logo


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