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Who were the FIRST Razorbacks in Arkansas?  
Texarkana, Arkansas High School Razorbacks!!

The first actual U of A team (Arkansas Cardinals) was formed in 1894 with John C. Futrall as manager and coach. In 1910 the students voted to change the  name to the Arkansas Razorbacks. U of A made an agreement with AHS to "use" the Razorback logo as their mascot; In turn, giving AHS used athletic equipment from the university.  This practice has been suspended at the present.

Approximately 20 years ago, upon learning that the University of Arkansas was interested in perfecting its legal right to protect the trademark/name "Arkansas Razorbacks", as legal counsel to the Texarkana, Arkansas School District, I communicated with the University's legal counsel at the time and asserted in behalf of our school district a prior use of "Texarkana Razorbacks". The communication was both by telephone and in writing. The counsel in Little Rock never denied the earlier use by Texarkana, and although the University has been licensing logo related products for a number of years, no one has ever quarreled with Texarkana's continuing use of "Texarkana Razorbacks".
     Bill Lavender ( Class of 57 - Lavender Law Firm & legal counsel for Arkansas High)

Very little is written about early football.  Paul and I spent the afternoon trying to read old newspapers to no avail.  The public library had very little about the school.  Local historians say that AHS was first (this may be Hayes McClerkin).  Some say that AHS didn't have a football team until 1912.  The first class graduated in 1899. 
Of course, we know the University declared themselves Razorbacks in 1910....one writer said 1915.  It was interesting that the University played Ft. Smith high school when first organized.
If you read the Texarkana Gazette today, you will find this statement: "A spokesman with the U of A said when UA began licensing the Razorback trademark with the United States Patent and Trademarks office in 1988, anyone using the symbol of the Razorback previously was grand-fathered into the agreement." 
Clarice & Paul Caver (Class of 54)

    The earliest records in Razorback history is dated back to 1895. Arkansas High was reported to have strong teams in the "Gay Ninties". The much-feted Porker captains were Allen Winham and Jean Cook. Both of these gentleman can probably recall those days of pioneer football.
    The happy year of 1895 also saw the organization of the Razorback "T Club" which was known as the "THB Club" (Texarkana High Boys Club). Those were the good old days.
    Experts on football history can probably recall some of those "Rule-Less" games which were the highlights of the Ninties. The Razorback predecessors must have had grit, because that is one thing Buhrman Field has never missed.
Razorback News (May 28, 1942)


U of A  Razorback History

Arkansas High History - Pre-1954

First Texarkana Arkansas High School, 
located at the corner of 5th and Beech Streets.
Same as color postcard photo below
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This was Arkansas High from 1914 until 1954-55
 when the new school was opened on Jefferson Ave.
  Jefferson Avenue Junior High opened for 1950-51 school year


Arkansas High 1954 - 2006
Jefferson Avenue

60school_c.jpg (45954 bytes)Students went to school all year at the old school on Hickory in 1953. The administration made them actually go through the prom at the new gym & graduate at Burhman Field. The first class to attend classes all year & graduate at the new school would have been 1954.  The Class of 54 started at the old school and moved to the new school at mid-term and graduated from the new school. Click Thumbnail above to see how the school looked in 1957......The Class of 2006 was the first to graduate from the new school at the right.

Booker T. Washington High School
Students from Washington High started school at AHS in 1970


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ARKANSAS HIGH - before 1900
Located between 5th & 6th on Beech St.
Constructed in 1886 and served as the city's central School until 1900 
when it became the Central Elementary and High School opened on Hickory St.


1931 Graduating Class
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Donated by Pat Foster King

801 East 10th

Pre 1926 AHS Group
Exact year unknown
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Pre 1926 AHS Group
Exact year unknown
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History of Arkansas High

History of Texarkana Schools

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