Class of 1980
Reunions of 1990 and 2000



Top Photo: L-R (unknown man), Kelly McDonald, Bill Malcolm & Wife

Mid-Left: Theresa Norment Teer, Eddie Teer

Mid-Right: Kathleen Sinyard, Larry Bruick, Tim Calicott (standing), Wallace Elliott (sitting)

Bottom Right: Les Smith, Pat Hunte McGoughr, Carolyn Sedgass Smith, Pat Hunter's Husband



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mary_tim.jpg (63748 bytes)
Mary Tennyson and Tim Calicott

leon_rhonda.jpg (75636 bytes)
Leon Sanderson and Rhonda Skinner Calicott

img1.jpg (91105 bytes)
Tim & Rhonda Calicott

img4.jpg (36499 bytes)
Kenny & Gretchen Cobb

img8.jpg (42005 bytes)
Tim Calicott & Les Smith

img11a.jpg (40640 bytes)
Paul Lamon, Tim Calicott, Dwayne Mitchell, Dana Payne, Reuben Rattler

img14.jpg (87306 bytes)
Duma Sims & Evelyn 
Candelaria Sims

img15.jpg (67978 bytes)
Kenny Cobb, Tim Calicott,
Opie Walter

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