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Screen Saver C

Click on Screens above to download a HogAlumni screensaver.  This screensaver file is about 800K and is self-installing.  Once downloaded to your hard drive, double click on the file (hogsaver.exe) (alumnisaver.exe) OR (hog_banner.exe) and it will install itself in windows.  Below is a screenshot of the Screensaver Properties window which should pop-up on the screen after the file has been installed in Windows.  The Properties window may look different depending on the version of Windows.  The one below is from Windows XP.


The Screensaver name should be "hogsaver" , "alumnisaver", OR "hog_banner"
and you may want to change the time from 5 minutes to something longer
Click on OK, and you should be ready to go.


You can change screensavers or turn it off completely by Clicking on the START menu in the left hand corner of Windows and then go to Control Panel, Appearances, Screen saver, and you should be back at the screen shown above.  You can then click on the Screen Saver drop down window and pick your screen saver OR pick NONE.
Windows 98 users will have to go to Control Panel, DISPLAY, and then pick Screen Saver.

EXIT from Screen Saver:  move mouse, mouse click, esc, Hit ENTER (Hit Enter Key seems to work best with these screen savers.

Hog Alumni Wallpaper


800 X 600

1024 X 768


Click on Thumbnails above to see Final image.  
Right click on image and then click on "Set as Background" from drop-down menu.
Your new wallpaper will then be installed.

If you don't like the Wallpaper,  Right Click on your Windows Desktop screen and click on PROPERTIES. Then click on DESKTOP to change wallpaper.  If you aren't sure which screen resolution you have, click on SETTINGS in the PROPERTIES Window.  The HogAlumni wallpaper will be listed as IE Wallpaper.
New Wallpaper and Screen Savers will be added later.


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