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1958 Football Program
    1971 Athletics
    1990 Varsity Football (13-1)
    R.C. Kennedy
    Johnny Toombs (1991)
Jack Coleman (1965-1969)
    AHS-THS Football Scores
    Coaches Biographies
    Teams & Players

Band - Cheerleaders
History of Redline
    Tribute to Ralph Atkinson
    79 Trip to Ireland
    71 Band Photos
    1991 Redline

Bulletin Board (Upcoming Reunion Notices)
Past Reunion Photos
    Texarkana Arkansas Education Foundation
    How to plan a reunion
1920's Faculty
    1950's Faculty
    1960's Faculty
    1970's Faculty
    1990's Faculty
    Nominate Your Favorite Teacher

History of Arkansas High
    History of Texarkana Schools
    Miller County Schools
Links  (Texarkana Links and other Alumni web sites)
AHS CLASS Web Sites (Get your own Class Web Site)
    Texas High Alumni
    Atlanta, Texas Alumni
    Booker T. Washington Alumni
    Liberty Eylau
    Pleasant Grove Alumni


AHS Veterans Memorial
    ASP Mark Carthron (Class of 92)
    Bunk Young
    Ralph Atkinson
    Jack Coleman
    Add an Obituary or Memorial (Form)

(articles & photos from Alumni)
Razorback Newspapers 1935-1990
    New Ark Yearbooks 1919-1924
    Class Telephone Directories 1953-1961
    Reunion Photos
    List of Commencements & Class Photos
    View of our School back then
    Our Favorite Hangouts
    Jessie Stewart Hog (used for this web site logo)
    Ar High Tx High Football Program (1958)
    Miracle Man (Class of 82)
    Ark High - TX High Rivalry (3 stories about this exciting rivalry on the "Memories" Page)
    Class of 86 Memories
    North Heights Schools
    Mrs. Monroe's Madrigals
Too many others to list here.....
Reunions  (Photos from past reunions)
Upcoming Reunion News
    How to plan a reunion
Student Body
How to Search for Classmates
    tips on scanning photos to email
    View Class Directories 1919-2006 (password needed)
    Sign-up - Update Form (password will be emailed to you after you sign-up / join)
    Sign-up form has upload feature for sending 2 personal photos.
    Uploading Multiple Files / photos (User Friendly) to the Webmaster (separate from Sign-up form)
    On to Greatness
Welcome  (Description & Links to Interesting places on this web site)
    Cartoons by Vic Harville (cartoon on MAIN Page)
    Hog Alumni Movie
    Relative Generations  (list members of your family who graduated from AHS)
    Movie tributes to our men in uniform
    Our Alma Mater sound clip (plays when page loads)
    Memories (see above categories)
    Reunions    (see above categories)
    Student Directories (see above categories)
Whatsnew  (latest additions to this web site)
    Latest Sign-ups - Members
Gulf War Vets
Go here to see a list of our AHS Gulf War Veterans or fill out the form to be added to the list.
Miscellaneous (Very important items not listed in any Category)
    Guestbook (Sign it and View it) New Guestbook began July 6, 2008
    Contact the Webmaster for questions, password, comments
    Hog Scraps (interesting items not covered by any Category above)
    Hog Alumni Screensavers & Wallpaper
    Friends of AHS (created for students who went to Ark High but didn't graduate and for friends & family of our Alumni
    How to view this site properly
    Join us now or Update your Info here (FREE to join) This is no "money making" operation
    This web site is now hosted by Godaddy.com (moved from TXK, AR School District)
    On to Greatness (Our Alumni who have achieved Greatness - Do you have someone you would like to add?)
    AHS Grads who married AHS Grads
    Join our Myspace Page
    Join our Facebook Alumni
    Photos and Articles (Articles and Photo Albums submitted by our Alumni)
    AHS Yearbooks

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