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Click to Download your Hogalumni Toolbar


By clicking the link above, you will download hogalumni.exe
Save the file to your computer and then click on the file to install the toolbar.

If you get tired of the toolbar, just right-click on the toolbar and uncheck hogalumni toolbar and it will go away.
You can also uninstall the toolbar in Control Panel, Add or Remove programs.
Most Internet Explorer Browsers already have a toolbar like the Yahoo Toolbar and you can right click on it and uncheck the Yahoo toolbar to get rid of it and then replace with the Hogalumni Toolbar.

Along with the links on the toolbar, you can configure the toolbar to send you Email Alerts from any email acct.
You will also get Alerts from the Webmaster on any important changes in the web site.
Hogalumni Alerts appear near the system tray and stay open for a few seconds, like an instant message alert. They are branded with the hogalumni logo. If you want to just disable the Hogalumni Alerts; click on Email Notifier on Toolbar, then click, settings, toolbar options, alert settings and uncheck hogalumni alerts. (Check hogalumni alert if you want to receive them)

Toolbar works with Internet Explorer and Firefox Browsers