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Vic was born in Benton, Arkansas, near Little Rock, where his parents managed the bus station restaurant. To keep their toddler from underfoot, Mrs. Harville would give him paper and pencil and sit him at a little table out of the way. His first drawings, like those of most kids, were scribbles and stick people. After a while, his drawings improved, and friends and patrons bragged on his creations. He learned early that his art brought him attention and friends. When he was 13, his family moved to Texarkana, Arkansas. It was his cartoons that broke the ice and enabled him to make new friends easily. Throughout junior high and high school he drew for the school paper and yearbooks. But, as an adult, his family encouraged him to get a "real" job. For the next twenty years, he worked in drafting, engineering, and technical illustrating where professionally he felt unchallenged and unfulfilled. After his four sons were grown, he allowed himself to have the proverbial midlife crisis. He left the security of his job to pursue the uncertainty of his long-time dream of becoming a sports and editorial cartoonist. In 1987 the Texarkana Gazette gave him his entry into the newspaper cartooning life. Within a year he was promoted to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in Little Rock. There, he began receiving regional and national recognition. In June 2000, he joined Donrey Media Group, now Stephens Media Group, where he continues to demonstrate humorous irreverence toward conventional wisdom, political spin, and governmental inaptitude. 

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 A collection of political and sports cartoons by Vic Harville of the Stephens Media Group will be available in a new book to be released in June. The 192-page collection, Rounding up the Unusual Suspects, is being published by Dragonflyer Press of Upland, Calif., and will retail for $17.95in soft cover and $29.95 in hard back. The full-page format (8 1/2 X 11) features nearly 400 original Harville cartoons. The book is divided into 14 chapters, including two devoted to sports. The cartoons cover about two years of news and sports, including the 2000 presidential campaign, terrorism, Bill Clinton, crime, the economy and one chapter featuring Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who wrote the book's foreword. "There are days Vic Harville makes me laugh. There are days Vic makes me cry.  And, yes, there are days Vic makes me mad," Huckabee wrote. "But Vic always makes me think, which should be the goal of any editorial cartoonist. Vic is, quite frankly, one of the best editorial cartoonists around. "The bookšs back cover features the page one flags of nine Arkansas newspapers that regularly run Harvillešs work. His cartoons also are published in Stephens Media Group newspapers around the country, including the flagship Las Vegas Review-Journal . The book will be available for pre-sells soon on several Web sites, including, the site for Stephens Mediašs Arkansas News Bureau. It will be marketed through newspapers that publish Harville's cartoons and will be available in selected bookstores.

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